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I absolutely recommend Signature Bridal to anyone - bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor or mother of the bride. What makes them unique from other bridal salons is that they have in-house alterations staff, and with each dress comes at least 3 rounds of fittings. This was essential for me because I was chopping my gown off to make it shorter. They also hold on to your dress until wedding time so you know it is safe. I have a cat at home so this ensured that he didn't get curious about my dress and rip it up. They also have half of the store dedicated to bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses, and those can also be fitted in-house. I loved all of the staff too. They genuinely were excited to see the transformation of my dress. They have nice big dressing areas, which is something I found other salons did not have. When you're trying on big dresses, that extra space is nice!

- CS

I visited all the major bridal salons in town and I love Signature! In a number of other shops, I felt an air of superiority amongst the staff, but NOT at Signature. Everyone was always helpful, honest, patient and hospitable. When I finally left with my dress before my wedding, I felt I was leaving a group of new friends and I was going to miss them! Signature has a terrific, beautiful selection of bridal gowns of at a number of price points. They also have a very large selection of bridesmaid gowns and I was able to find my bridesmaid gowns here too. They are very professional, quick to respond and have excellent follow up with regard to confirming appointments, orders arriving, etc. They also did my dress alterations and my daughter's bridesmaid dress and did an excellent, beautiful job (They even made a few last minute adjustments to my daughter's dress free of charge, which was not expected, but, certainly appreciated). If you are looking for a bridal salon with a staff that will treat you like family, hold true to their order arrival dates and who will sell you a high quality product, consider Signature Bridal Salon. Thank you Ashley, Lauren, Krista, Tanya, Ellen and Lexi! You made my bridal gown experience sensational!

- CB

On September 21, 2013 a friend and I, both brides, drove from Killeen to do some serious dress shopping. We had a list of six stores we were going to visit. I had called on Friday to see if Signature Bridal Salon had the dress I wanted to try on and they did. Unfortunately they didn't have any appointments for Saturday and put me on a waiting list. While visiting our second store someone called me from Signature Bridal Salon and said they had a cancelation for 3:30. I told them I had another appointment at 3 so I wouldn't be able to make it. So my friend and I, proceeded to our next appointment. We drove for what seemed like hours, as we are both unfamiliar with Austin.

We got to the store and as I proceeded to check in, the ladies at the front desk told me I didn't have an appointment and that I stated that I had an appointment at another store. I was shocked that I had came all the way to the wrong store! OMG how did I do that! The staff asked me to wait a few minutes and they would try to get someone to help me.

Luckily they were able to get me with Kim and she was AMAZING! I selected a few dresses and they even had the dress I was going to try in at the other store. As Kim gathered my dresses I told her I wanted to try a particular Essence dress last. It was the dress I had planned on visiting the store for.

Kim was amazing as she put me in the dresses and made me look like a bride in all of them. Before I tried on my Essence dress she did another walk through to see if she could find anything else. She didn't, so she put me in the Essence dress and it was a mind blowing experience! As soon as she finished lacing me in the dress I knew it was my dress! When I showed it to my friend she thought it looked great on me! Kim gave me a veil that I fell in love with in another dress. I stood in the dress and teared up! This had never happened before! I knew it was my dress, but I had a little doubt. So I did a side by side comparison of the Essence dress and a Pronovious dress that I thought was my dress. The Pronovious dress didn't compare to this dress!!! I sent pictures to my mom and maid of honor and they both were in awe! Needless to say I said YES to the dress!!!

After standing in the dress for about 20 minutes I finally had to get out of it so that I could make my purchase! It was a wonderful experience that was enhanced by the staff at the store! I totally recommend everyone to come to this store! Not to mention they support the military and offered me a military discount on my veil! I can't wait to go back and shop for my bridesmaid dresses! I'm so glad that I went to the wrong store! Thank you so much Signature Bridal Salon! You guys are the best!!!

- B

I just want to share the experience I had with my daughter's at this bridal salon. My daughter and I traveled from Tulsa OK to help my youngest daughter select her wedding gown. On February 28th 2013 we had the pleasure visiting this salon. My daughter Desirae is a first time bride, with all the dreams of a perfect gown and wedding. The previous day we had been on appointment with two other bridal salons and what a miserable day that was. Unlike our appointment at Signature Bridal. The other salons treated us like a herd of animals, hurry up and make your decision, did not have any excitement for our bride and acted like they were there for the paycheck only. My daughter had some idea of what she wanted and yet being a first time bride never even trying on a gown before was still uncertain as to what would look good on her. When we arrived at Signature Bridal we were greeted pleasantly, ushered back to a dressing area and allowed to look and choose gowns. Our consultant Jessie was as sweet and helpful as we could possibly have hoped for. We were her only clients the entire time we were there unlike the other salons we had visited the day before. Jessie personally helped my daughter into and out of the gowns, she selected other gowns by seeing what my daughter was liking and disliking. I was allowed to photograph my daughter in the gowns to be able to compare once she had changed into another gown. I can not express how special she made my daughter feel. We were able to find both my daughters and myself a gown. I have to say here that the owner of the store went out of her way to fit me into a gown that I liked at a price I could afford. If you have a special occasion you need formal attire for try this salon out first! The prices were comparable to the other salons but the service was outstanding above and beyond what was expected. My personal and sincere thank you to the staff and owner of Signature Bridal Salon in Austin, TX.

- Cynthia G.

On January 26th I was with my niece in Austin for her wedding. We are from Houston and the wedding was on lake Travis. After unpacking her gown it was very wrinkled and needed to be professionally pressed. First thing Saturday morning I called Signature Bridal Salon telling them of my problem. They said come on in and we will be happy to help. They spent well over an hour working to make the dress lovely. Upon my return to the hotel we discovered the Bride had forgotten her veil. We called ahead and they had 3 veils ready for me to see. Ashley and the ladies at the Salon went well above and beyond to help me. The wedding was lovely thanks to everyone there. I would certainly recommend them to anyone, if they were this helpful to us and we were not even there customer I am sure that setting up a wedding with them would be a very good experience.
Thank you ladies. 

- Maureen

The women at Signature Bridal Salon are absolutely amazing!!! I had gone to many stores prior to coming here, but this was honestly the best experience I had ever had at a bridal salon. The ladies were determined to find me my perfect dress, and even though I was the last appointment and I'm sure they were ready to go home they would not give up on getting me my dream dress in my price range! The ladies offered me so many options! I finally tried on two dresses, and the second dress was THE ONE! I have a very tough time making big decisions, but these ladies were so sweet and patient with me! Nobody forced me into anything, and the entire experience was so fun and carefree! The ladies were wonderful, and I was so happy that they found me my perfect dress! I have DEFINITELY recommended Signature Bridal Salon to my engaged friends and even to my bridesmaids! I had an amazing experience here and am more than ecstatic with the gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress they found me! 

- Chrystal

I traveled from Virginia to go wedding dress shopping with my mom who lives in TX. Signature Bridal Salon was the first salon I had on my list because they carried my favorite wedding designer. Upon walking in the door we were greeted with a warm welcome and friendly smiles. My aunt who is my second mom was also in attendance and I knew having her and my mom there would make my dress shopping nerves go away. Kim was my consultant and I can't praise her enough on how wonderful she was. She listened to my wants and paid attention to details. The very first dress I tried on was "the one" and my face instantly lit up when I walked out of the fitting room. I tried on several other dresses but nothing could compare to the first dress. I had a wonderful stress free experience wedding dress shopping and my mom and aunt had fun.The ladies at the bridal salon were very nice and helpful. Kim also helped me pick out the perfect wedding accessories and I loved my whole look. I am absolutely in LOVE with my dress and I owe it all to Kim. I will definately send a picture of my wedding day. Thanks again ladies for the awesome experience.

Desiree', VA bride

Signature Bridal Salon has the most personalized and caring staff! They are experts in bridal couture and knowledgeable about weddings. I have gone to several bridal boutiques in Austin and in other states to look and try on dresses. In most of the stores, I always felt like just another customer walking in the door. They were just trying to sell and up sell the most expensive dresses and accessories.

Rachel, my consultant, helped me to find the "perfect most gorgeous" dress! She listened to everything I was looking for including budget. She helped me try on at least 10 dresses plus. Many were absolutely beautiful, but not quite what I was looking for. She was like a close girlfriend who cared to help me find what made me feel and look special (and she was honest about it). She wanted me to find the perfect dress too. I even came back at a later date to try on the dress that I had fallen in love with. I highly recommend Signature Bridal Salon to any bride or for special occasions. All of the staff made me feel like a Queen and a Special Bride to Be, but most importantly the staff is very knowledgeable, professional and knows sincere personalized service.

Thank you, Rachel and Signature Bridal Salon, for your personalized
caring service and for making the experience so wonderful!

- Paulina

Signature Bridal Salon is by far the best place to find your wedding dress, I was looking for a disney bridal dress, and the closest place to me was Austin, So I decided to go look there for my first dress shopping experience. Lauren was the one to helped me, she was very professional and very bubbly. I ended up trying on about 10 dresses, like about 1 thing about each one, and when I wasnt finding it, Lauren went and grabbed one last dress to try on, it had everything I liked about all of the other dresses all combined into 1, and it turned out to be THE one! She really listened to what I had to say and not once did she get frustrated, or annoyed with how long the appt was taking. She never left my side no matter how busy they got ,I never once felt rushed or like I wasnt important. I have had issues with the major bridal store chains, and I have had nothing but good things to say about Signature Bridal, thank you so much for being so professional and making the bride feel so special!

- Jenni

Words can not describe the experience that I had at Signature Bridal. I had been to 4 or 5 salons in Austin and Houston and I can honestly say that none of them even came close to Signature Bridal. The layout, size, and customer service was second to none. The girls were so friendly, knew what they were doing. and did not pressure you even in the slightest. They have a huge selection of bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. I was lucky enough to have Ashley help me every step of the way. My dress was hand picked by her, even down to every piece of accessory that accented my wedding dress. To think I almost missed out on the dress I ended up buying. If it weren't for Ashley's keen eye, I would've never tried it on. But with a gentle push, I did and I am ever so glad that I did. I don't think I could've ever imagined what the finished product would turn out like, but I can honestly say that I felt like a princess. I know it sounds cliche. but it's true. And I couldn't have done it without Signature Bridal. Thank you for making my special day perfect.

- Vy

Signature Bridal is the nicest, friendliest and most helpful bridal store I have ever been to. I drove over 2 hours yesterday to come to your store and you exceeded my expectations. The customer service was fantastic! Every single time I called (even before I made an appointment) the sales associates were always extremely polite, friendly, helpful and willing to look up prices/style numbers, etc. The store is located in a lovely part of Austin and offers a very nice selection of designers at reasonable prices (good range of prices too). The store itself is clean, open, spacious and offers a really relaxing, inviting atmosphere. Even though I went on a busy Saturday morning, I was very well taken care of. Lauren is awesome! She was simply amazing with how helpful she was. I was given a full two hours of undivided attention. I was never pressured to buy something immediately - the way I feel at almost every other bridal salon I have been to. Lauren was really focused on me finding the dress I loved. She helped me into all the dresses (which were all very well taken care of), offered me shoes, accessories, broaches, veils, ribbons and more to try on with my top favorites so I could see all the ways to individualize the gowns. She was upfront about the prices of the dresses and respected my price range, so I always felt in the loop about the gowns I was trying on. I honestly have never been treated so well at a bridal store. I cannot recommend Signature Bridal highly enough. I was truly impressed and truly felt like your whole staff listened to what I like/didn't like without any pressure or judging. Great place, great atmosphere, great selection, and great customer service! Thank you so much for such a great experience.

- Lara

I had been all over Austin looking for a dress and had found nothing!  The next step was to head to Dallas or Houston and my friend told me to go look at Signature Bridal Salon.  It was my last stop along a very long road to find “THE DRESS”!  And I found “THE DRESS”!!!  I also got all my bridesmaid dresses here and I had 8 bridesmaids all needing the same color but different style of dress.  And one other thing,  I was having to move and start a new job, so I only had 5 months from the time we got engaged until the wedding!  Most places I had been to told me this would be impossible to get bridesmaid dresses and especially a wedding gown in this amount of time…but here Ashley made it all possible.  It was a busy time, but Ashley and her staff were wonderful.  The dresses are amazing and you can’t find this selection and quality anywhere else in and around the Austin area…trust me I have looked!  Since I found out about this fantastic place two of my friends have also  bought their dresses from Signature Bridal Salon and couldn’t be happier.  Thank you for making “THE DRESS” possible!

- Lindsay Henderson

I can’t begin to say enough about how absolutely incredible my experience at Signature Bridal was.  I embarked on the “Austin Tour” of bridal salons and no other salon measured up to Signature.  The selection was incredible, the pricing was incredible, and most importantly the staff was absolutely wonderful!  The customer service was top notch and I will recommend this salon to anyone I know who will be dress shopping. Thanks again ladies!

- Kimberly K.,

"Ashley - Well the big day has come and gone and I could not have been more happy with the bridesmaids dresses (the girls really loved them too,) Mom's "Hot momma dress" (i think she is still getting compliments) but most importantly MY dress!!! I was so comfortable and confident in my dress, I really didn't ever want to take it off. Thank you so much for all the help and fun along the way. You made the whole dress purchasing process easy and fun! I am sad that my reasons for visiting the store are now drastically limited but if I am ever in the market for any formal wear or just something fun and fancy I will be back!! Thank you again for everything, Mom and I were so grateful to have such a great experience at your store! I will most definitely be sending any bride that I come across in the future your way!"

- Lindsey M.

"My Mom and I searched all over for my wedding dress. There were so many pushy and annoying sales people out there that truly made the experience just dreadful. We would go through the plastic wrapped dresses and my arms would literally get tired. We also went to upscale bridal shops trying on several dresses in one day making it hard to keep up with which ones we liked.

When we walked into Signature Bridal Salon both my Mom and I immediately felt at ease, relaxed and ready to shop! Ashley was extremely helpful, tasteful and made the entire experience super fun! They have beautiful gowns for all budgets. She was an absolute saint! Ashley steamed my dress for portraits and for my wedding day. She even hand delivered my dress and my bridesmaid’s dresses to us on the day of the wedding! She has a way of making you feel like family.

I love to shop and really hit the bridal trail from Dallas to Houston to Austin. That said, Signature Bridal Salon honestly had the most competitive prices around! We ended up getting shoes, bridesmaids gifts, hair pieces, etc. all from Signature Bridal Salon. When you are dealing with an honest and helpful company, you have to go with it!

My advice to you BTB (Bride-to-be) is LOVE your dress! It is going to be with you in your pictures forever. You’ve seen your Mom’s dress and perhaps your Grandmother’s too so you know this is true.

I realize I’ve written an essay here, but this doesn’t even begin to express my wonderful experience with Ashley and shopping at Signature Bridal Salon. Best of luck ladies!"

- Melissa R.

"After trying on wedding dresses at a number of other bridal shops in Austin, I was not finding any dresses in my price range and thought the customer service was mostly poor. I was happy to find that Signature Bridal had recently opened in my area, and I could tell they provided personal service and cared about their customers, which makes all the difference when shopping for something as involved as a wedding dress. I always feel welcome in the store and enjoy seeing Ashley, who is genuinely friendly and was very helpful with my alterations."

- Rebecca Z.

"I have fallen in love with this store. Ashley and the rest of the staff were so helpful and patient! I found fabulous dresses that fit my budget, and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the store! When it came time to pick out bridemaid dresses, I had been looking all over town, but of course ended up finding the perfect dresses at SB. I highly recommend Signature Bridal to anyone needing a wedding/bridesmaid/prom dress!"

- Lauren Thigpen

"Signature Bridal Salon is wonderful! They have great service and the best employees! I would not go anywhere else and I highly recommend them!!!" 

-  Meagan Pauley

"Ashley and the friendly Signature Bridal Salon team did a great job helping me find a dress that fit my personal style/taste, my body type, and the outdoor wedding venue. Of all the feedback I received during and after the wedding, the most glowing responses centered around the gown; everyone loved it!" 

- Lauren C.

I can’t begin to compliment Ashley and her team enough for their professional service, courtesy and attention to detail from start to finish! I recommend them to every new bride I know! The selection is fabulous with a nice range of price points and the fitting rooms and mirrored space is perfect for the special experience of finding the perfect dress. Ashley and Signature Bridal Salon’s personal touch and expertise made our experience perfect in every way!

- Dana Bateman