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To our current and future Brides-to-be, Bridesmaids and Mothers,


I want to start off by personally thanking you for your continued support of our store and all of our consultants throughout this unprecedented time in our world's history. None of us could have ever imagined being under these conditions and being forced to shelter at home in an effort to protect the weak and fight an invisible enemy such as COVID-19. I hope you and your families and friends remain safe and healthy throughout this ordeal.


I also want to personally assure you even though the store is temporarily closed, I, along with with our store managers, are still working diligently from home and are in constant contact with all of our Designers and are still watching each and every order that is currently in production. As of today, there have been no major delays or disruptions by any of our Designers and a few orders are coming in sooner than expected.  If your order is expected to arrive in our store at any point during the shelter in place, please be assured it will be safe as it has been redirected to my personal residence. I am still notifying customers of arrivals when I receive them and this will continue until we are reopened again soon. 


If you have any questions regarding your current order or questions about placing an order, please reach out to me via email at 


I know I speak for all our staff when I say we cannot wait to see you all again soon. I pray that all of us will get see our friends and family soon and we sincerely thank you again for supporting our store now and in the future.


Much Love,

Ashley Schwaegel, Owner

Signature Bridal Salon