Our Testimonials

I cannot say enough positive things about this place. There were so many brands that I liked. I had a feeling that we would find the dress here when I looked it up online. I tried on several dresses and the one I least expected was the one I loved most. Every person there, including the owner, helped me in some way, shape, or form. We stayed under budget. And I even found a veil perfectly matching the trim of the dress. I'm so excited for the wedding now!! Will post an update with a pic at a later date


Andrea F.

Signature Bridal was the best experience I could have had. Olga was my appointment coordinator and she was AMAZING. I swear she is the wedding dress whisperer. I came in there with a specific design that I thought I wanted and I tried on so many that I picked out, and my friends and family picked out and just wasn't in love. And then like a fairy godmother Olga came in with the most beautiful dress. 100% opposite of what I thought I wanted but as soon as I tried it on I never wanted to take it off. She's able to read you and put you in the dress that was made for you. She also found a veil that matched the dress perfectly. I can't say enough about her and this shop. My wedding is in November and I went at the end of April and they were able to put a rush order on my dress to ensure I get it in time to get alterations done. If you go to this shop MAKE SURE to request Olga.


Samantha M.

I had an amazing experience at Signature Bridal Salon! Katie was so helpful and thorough - her and I were a great match (I definitely got lucky with her!). She made sure the dresses were pinned to fit my shape exactly and really took her time making sure I felt comfortable in the dresses before walking out in front of my family. She was extremely knowledgable and passionate!

Run, DON'T WALK, to Signature. All the consultants made me feel like a princess. They asked all the right, thought-provoking questions with each dress. I didn't really think I was going to have that bridal "feeling" when I tried on my dress but I totally did and Katie really made sure that happened!

The dress selection was amazing (lots of variety) and the service was unmatched! 

I went to Blue Bridal later in the day and the experience I had there didn't even compare. 

Y'all have it going on!!!!


Hailey J.

The service here was top notch. I only ended up here because they were only place in town that had a specific dress I wanted to see (which I didn't end up going with). Olga was amazing and so helpful. She knew what was in my heart better than I did. Her approach to the process was methodical and spiritual all at once and really helped me visualize myself on the special day. She knows what she's doing. She paired veils perfectly (I didn't even think I wanted one and now I must have it) and encouraged friends and fam to take pics/vids from specific angles which really helped me make my decision when I was looking back at them later. I ended up with exactly what my bridal dreams are made of! 

The store itself doesn't put as much emphasis on being cutesy and "instagrammable" as some other stores you might find in Austin but to me they have their priorities straight and the experience was better.


Sarah B.